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Travel Zambia is the only international magazine dedicated to the promotion of travel to and within Zambia. It provides creative, unique content that meets the demand of the traveller. With independent editorial control, it takes an honest and objective outlook on all subjects, designed to complement the material already put out by the tourist board and other organisations, as well as guide books.

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There are three ways in which you can receive TRAVEL ZAMBIA:


In Print Have the magazine delivered to your home as a printed publication. A fee of £4 (UK) or £7 (ROW) is payable per edition to cover print and postage of the magazine. Order here.


Online as digital emagazine flipbooks. Entirely free. Flick through, search, bookmark pages, print, share. Click here to see what we mean. Access it whenever you like by visiting the site, or register for us to email you a link to save you having to remember to keep checking in.

On the App The Travel Africa magazines app on the iTunes App Store includes Travel Zambia and is ideal if you want to read your mag on an iPad or iPhone (Android version coming soon). Each issue is displayed in normal Page view so you can flick through the mag as you would in print, and a convenient Text view with adjustable font size for easy reading and scrolling.  The App is free, and single issues of the magazines (Travel Africa, Travel Namibia, Travel Zambia, and Travel Zimbabwe) are priced individually. Order here.


The giant awakes

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest and boasts its greatest variety of wildlife. Yet years of neglect have seen it slip down the country’s tourist agenda. Mike Unwin travelled this vast reserve from north to south in search of its secrets, and discovered just why it once again tops the to-do list of many discerning safari-goers.


Dog Days

African wild dog. Cape hunting dog. Painted wolf. Call it what you will, this elusive predator holds a special fascination for many safari-goers. But with no more than 4000 left across Africa, seeing one is not so easy. Dog devotee Merlith McKendrick visited Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park on a unique safari dedicated to this enigmatic animal. Her diary reveals how she got on. 





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